Saturday, July 14, 2007


The other night I was browsing the channels and stumbled across Bobby Flay's 'Throwdown' on the Food Network. And the throwdown for this episode was 'Fish & Chips'. I have been salivating ever since.

I have never made this myself but am ready to try. Over the last ten plus years I really have not eaten that much in the way of fried food but that is about to change.

Back in my bachelor days I had an apartment in Burlington, Vermont, a mere stones throw away from The Vermont Pub and Brewery. Many a night my buddy Mike and I would end up there and I recall more than once partaking of a pint or two of Dogbite Bitter with a plate of their Fish & Chips. Very tasty indeed.

So now, I need to make some up. I have a feeling that until I do I will not be able to get this out of my head.

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