Sunday, July 29, 2007

Take Me Out...

While I am a Yankee, I am not a Yankees fan.

As a lifelong New England sports fan I have had my share of disappointing seasons. Luckily, that has changed in the last decade as first the Patriots got their stuff together followed by the Red Sox.

But still,...

Now that July is practically behind us with August bearing down and Autumn hot on it's heels it is time for every BoSox fan to start getting nervous. Right now they are leading the Yankees by 8 (standings). But you start to asking yourself, when will the slide begin? When will the disappointment start?

But, for now they are ahead of the Yanks by 8, which is all that really matters.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


The other night I was browsing the channels and stumbled across Bobby Flay's 'Throwdown' on the Food Network. And the throwdown for this episode was 'Fish & Chips'. I have been salivating ever since.

I have never made this myself but am ready to try. Over the last ten plus years I really have not eaten that much in the way of fried food but that is about to change.

Back in my bachelor days I had an apartment in Burlington, Vermont, a mere stones throw away from The Vermont Pub and Brewery. Many a night my buddy Mike and I would end up there and I recall more than once partaking of a pint or two of Dogbite Bitter with a plate of their Fish & Chips. Very tasty indeed.

So now, I need to make some up. I have a feeling that until I do I will not be able to get this out of my head.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Good Morning

Good morning from Massena.

An interesting weather pattern hit the Northeast yesterday afternoon. We had a thunderstorm watch all afternoon and lots of thunderboomers rolled through the area. We even had what the weather folks call 'mild rotation' in a couple of the cells - weather speak for 'potential tornado'.

Did I mention that weather and climate are interests of mine?

The trough in the jet stream that has been causing all of the hot and dry weather out West resulted in a ridge on the East coast which was the root cause of last nights weather. and at the top of the ridge some nice, tight, isobars meaning wicked pressure differential resulting in winds and all around unstable weather.

I was in my glory.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Maybe I am perseverating on toes, I don't know. But I do know that I am glad that it is Friday.

From a quick browse of I see that Boeing is getting ready to roll out and present to the public (or at least the media) the first 787 Dreamliner.

For some reason airliners make me giddy. In the 90's I did a lot of travel for work and accumulated my fair share of miles. At that time I got a lot of miles on 737s and end of life 727s and I still remember my first hop in the big 747. I had always been fascinated with planes (the first toy I can clearly remember was a red plastic B-17). And the ability to see a lot of them up close and personal was just a joy.

I'm still fascinated with planes. Late last year I saw my first 777 (at DFW) which made my jaw drop. What a beauty, an AA example in polished aluminum.

And now the Dreamliner. Of course we already know what it will look like with Boeing making public unlimited artwork and simulations. But to see the real thing rolling out of the hanger will be something I can't wait to see.

The only disappointment,... though it represents the next major leap in materials and efficiencies in the aircraft world, I doubt that we will see a barrel roll on it's maiden flight.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Toes in the Water, Checking the Temperature.

For the last year or so I have browsed various Blogs, with several that I find myself regularly hitting and commenting at. All in all, I have found a bunch of information (some good, some bad), some entertainment, and most importantly, some varied opinions.

And so I have finally put my toe in the water to test the temperature and created my own.

So, what does Gary in Massena have to say? The heck if I know.

I anticipate commentary on the various things I stumble across on the web. I'll probably have some things to say about cooking (and more importantly eating), especially about BBQ. There very well may be a comment about politics and politicians, what with elections a year and a half away.

We'll just have to wait and see.

In the mean time come on in, the waters are fine!