Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wired for Wireless

An open letter to the Federal Communications Commission:

To whom this may concern,

As a citizen, tax payer and consumer I have concerns over the upcoming auction of spectrum currently in use for analogue television.

In a nut shell, I want choices.

I am very concerned that a large carrier, such as Verizon, which already holds a virtual monopoly on a large portion of spectrum devoted to cell communications will end up holding valuable portions of this block of spectrum too and have the ability under the current rules to limit the third party usage of this valuable property.

As a taxpayer I am not concerned that the FCC garner top dollar for this spectrum. It seems to me that the rules that the large carriers would see in place over this spectrum which would enhance it's value to them, thereby driving up the potential auction value, will only hurt me in the end. This value that they would enjoy would end up being paid for by the consumer - me, many times over the money that the FCC would get from the auction.

As this spectrum is theoretically the property of the tax payer and is being auctioned off for the public good I implore the commision to keep the taxpayer, citizen and consumer in mind when proceeding with this auction.


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