Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot, Damn Hot

Adrian Cronauer (as played by Robin Williams, not the real deal) stated it best in "Good Morning Vietnam" - Hot, Damn Hot! Well, actually it was Cronhauer as played by Williams improvising made up character "Roosevelt E. Roosevelt". Confused yet?

Anyhow - it is hot and damp in Massena today. Not really unseasonably so, just a lot hotter and damper than it has been all summer.

An absolute nightmare for those working in manufacturing facilities. This is the type of weather that when combined with hard work can bring the strongest to thier knees. Time to keep your fluid input up to an appropriate amount to stave off all sorts of heat related maladies such as Heat Exhaustian and Heat Stroke.

At the plant where I work we had a worker go down last Friday who spent the weekend in the hospital recovering. It was a near thing, it very well could have been a funeral the worker was attending - thier own.

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