Saturday, April 4, 2009

Closet Foodie

A little while ago, on Facebook, my friend Mary Beth posted a comment to one of my posts. Simply put "Did you ever notice that your posts have a lot to do with food?".

Now that I think about it she has a very valid point. My first post of that day on Facebook involved coffee, pancakes and bacon with regards to their restorative powers. The post she was commenting on had to do with my recent making of some cole slaw to go with that nights fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy.

I'll admit to late night excursions on the net to peruse food porn browsing through a number of foodie blog regulars as well as whatever else I happen to stumble across.

And more and more I find myself in the kitchen cooking not as much for the purpose of feeding the brood as for the relaxing effect it has on me.

I like food. I like preparing food. I like watching others prepare and talk about food. I find entertainment in food. I don't mind eating food either.

This could be a trend.

Since Mary Beth's comment, I've made a number of other food related posts. In response I've had other friends comment on my (could it be?) obsession.

I do follow a couple of foodie blogs from Florida and the West Coast on a very regular basis. I don't ever see myself getting to the point where I start blogging exclusively about food though. Maybe just the ocassional comment or observation. Or maybe I'll just stick with teasing my friends with what has been on my plate or in my cup.

But where will it lead to?

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